ZX80 monitor listing

ZX80 / ZX81 hardware and software requested for either sale or swapping
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Re: ZX80 monitor listing

Post by Paul »

Well I definitely had a scan I have on a Disc somewhere. I do have a Printout of the scan that I see about twice a year passing my way through life.
And I still have the original. So if everything else fails I can rescan this.
I have memories that there were legal questions about posting it online. I did contact worldofspectrum in these days and they wanted to host it.
But WOS was in severe troubles in these times and I don't know wether they took it online or if it was lost during their restart.
Maybe anyone active on WOS can find out?
Its even possible that I sent a copy of the scan to my friend Moggy :?:
Kind regards
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Re: ZX80 monitor listing

Post by Moggy »

Not as far as I can recall ,Paul.
I would be very interested in seeing this as I only have the Wearmouth version.

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Re: ZX80 monitor listing

Post by 1024MAK »

World of Spectrum have the details of the books:
The ZX80 Monitor Listing and The ZX80 Monitor Listing
The ZX80 Companion
(book index here)

But the scans are not on the public site. Because a while ago WoS was under attack, most books and magazines were taken off line. Either the scans got lost, are hidden in a site back-up and have been forgotten about, are still in the awaiting attention queue, or have not been put up for some other reason.


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