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ZX81 expansion cart

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I think I'm ready to produce my new cart in batch, if there is enough interest...

What is it, what can it do?
- ZX81 expansion cart
- 32kB RAM with WRX high res support
- CURSOR joystick emulation (with standard atari joy)
- ~240 games/apps to load (no save), for complete list, check attachments
- if you happen to have a standard EEPROM burner with support of W25Q64 chips, you can create and burn your own list of preference. I could provide the python script that generates the binary.
- microSD card support to load programs at startup (no save), max prog size to load is 16kB
- reset button
- 40 EUR + shipping. Preferably to EU countries as shipping to UK is *very* expensive. Shipping to EU countries only wich costs 18EUR (*)
- stock ZX81 (UK or US) is supported with stock (or stronger) PSU. Internal RAM expansions are disabled and external is used instead.
- ZX81NU, WilcoZX8081 (ZX81 mode only), Blue2001ZX81 tested, works
- NO ZX81+38, NO TS1000 (though I'm trying to figure out why, currently I cannot promise anything on this matter. Right now they are not supported), NO TS1500

So if there is enough intent on buying 10+ carts I'd start ordering stuff and the cart should arrive in January to you... Let's say 'till 3th of Dec

Short video about its usage: https://youtu.be/78Akb6_0Los
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(*) Austria, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Belgium, Czech Republik, Nederland, Poland, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Danish Kingdom, Estonia, France, Ireland, Latvia, Luxemburg, Italy, Sweden, Finnland, Greece, Portugal, Spain. For any other country, please PM me..
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