TS1500 keyboard mat and faceplate help

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TS1500 keyboard mat and faceplate help

Post by dessony » Tue Jul 11, 2017 9:22 pm

To the TS1500 owners all over the globe,

Can any of you help me convincing Peter (ZXRenew) to make new keyboard mats and new keyboard faceplates for the TS1500s. :cry: Read the rest of the message below:

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Dear William,

ZXRenew has sent a message for you:
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If I could sell 100 plus then it can be looked into. Alas this is the one and only request.


Original Message Sent 10/07/2017 13:50:21

Can you also make something for Timex / Sinclair 1500? I noticed that you make some keyboard cover plates (faceplate) and some keyboard mats for the ZX Spectrum 16k / 48k. Its and the TS1500's keyboards spec. are same. Can you help making something for me and rest of the TS1500 owners all over the world?

Back to this message. We can contact this gentleman, Peter Smith at http://zxrenew.co.uk/.

Thank you very much in advance.

Cheers :-) ,


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