Upgrade to Switching Regulator

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Upgrade to Switching Regulator

Post by gammaray »

I upgraded to 5V switching regulator to eliminate most of the heat as suggested elsewhere on site.

De-soldering was much simpler than soldering the new pins on the surface mount REG. There is not much of a pad.

The alignment for the original pins did not work so I had to remove and re-solder in the right orientation. If there was room I could have soldered to the bottom of the board.

I ruined the first REG and did the second one differently so as not to remove the pins from the board.

It works but my skill needs much improvement!
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Re: Upgrade to Switching Regulator

Post by Moggy »

Nice job there Gammaray. :D

The reg normally used for the zeddy is similar to the one found here...

http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/switching ... s/6664379/

Not sure if they are usable over your side of the water as the states seem to be a bit stricter over radio emission/noise etc than over here, hence the ground strap and silvered cases of the ZX81/ts1000 sold stateside.

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