Memotech keyboard for the ZX81

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Re: Memotech keyboard for the ZX81

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I have 2 black Memotech keyboards, and they are wonderful, sturdy, clicketycliks the right way. Most importantly, the interface is plugged into the ZX81 port, and the interface buffers your keystrokes if you write a bit too fast for the ZX81 to follow. One of my memotech keyboards is completely new, never used, the box without a scratch. To think that it has survived 30 years like that. A funny little detail is the velcro strip which lies in its own little groove in the box; it is for securing the interface to the ZX81 so that it doesn't wobble and burn off the ZX81.
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Re: Memotech keyboard for the ZX81

Post by gozzo »

£155 - Bl**dy hell !! (pardon my language!) - I have one and admittedly I paid what I think is a fair bit for it - £40 to £50 ish (ebay,of course!) I think - can't remember... but £155 is just stupid (they are very nice keyboards,by the way - uses switches that 'feel' the same as the ones on the BBC computer)! like people paying £100 plus for a PX4 (rare old radio valve) even if the seller says 'untested.. no returns' .. mad !
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Re: Memotech keyboard for the ZX81

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Where did you read the price? Hmm, let me check the previous page...

edit: Oh, I see now. :)
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Re: Memotech keyboard for the ZX81

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£155 wow, I must get mine on ebay ASAP :-)
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