If only there was a cheap MIDI synth that the zeddy could drive.

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Re: If only there was a cheap MIDI synth that the zeddy could drive.

Post by Moggy » Sun Feb 04, 2018 7:08 pm

1024MAK wrote:
Sun Feb 04, 2018 12:22 am
Okay, for someone who has less than ZERO musical ability and knowledge (at school they would only let me loose with the triangle!), does this sound any good?

I mean, I know what MIDI is ('cuz i'm a computer and electronics geek :ugeek: ), and I get that MIDI sends music note information via the serial data stream that is MIDI data. And I know that a MIDI synthesiser can play music. But every one I have seen comes in a large impressive looking case, often with a keyboard and clasped in the hands of a musician!

The impressive looking case is usually just that, an impressive looking case.

This little black box is basically the tone module found inside synths/synth modules minus the keyboard.

The very early PC sound-cards and home keyboards used FM synthesis to make their MIDI magic, OPL3's Terratecs and Yamaha's PSS keyboard range to name but three. These were later eased out of the picture by the arrival of sample based sound-cards/keyboards such as the Sound-blaster card and Yamaha PSR keyboard range.

As good as these devices are they do require a ton of RAM for a half decent sample or sound font sound.
This little gadget discovered by Charlie is a compromise module insomuch as it makes up for its low, sound-font size by mixing the samples with a touch of FM synthesis. Most MIDI purists(myself included) would run a mile at such alchemy and not give this the time of day...BUT in the case of the Dreamblaster it works bloody well,far better than something like this should.

The standard trumpet sound for instance I will happily compare to some of my pro modules and the drum kits are really good.

To say I've fallen in love with it is an understatement and I thoroughly recommend it.

The two WAVS Charlie posted are called Modus Interrupts and Blue in Green. Whilst the first one shows off the modules capabilities the second slower tune was poorly sequenced with wrong instrument choice and is a weak example for which I apologise.

Apart from being General MIDI 1/2 compliant with all the usual effects it also has four band software controlled EQ built in.

Well worth the money I feel.

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