ZXblast - ZX81 memory extension plus USB

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Re: ZXblast - ZX81 memory extension plus USB

Post by balford »

This prompted me to dust off my ZXBlast which was still at firmware rev. 0.9 :D

PokeMon - may I PM you about the procedure to update the USB controller manually? The Zeddy I was using to update the controller with ZXMUPD21.rom wasn't the most stable as it turns out...
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Re: ZXblast - ZX81 memory extension plus USB

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I will check if this upgrade process can be more stable when adapting the hardware. Stay tuned. 8-)
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Re: ZXblast - ZX81 memory extension plus USB

Post by metalh4mster »

Hi there again! After some time not using the ZXBlaster unit, I found out that the expansion board doesn't work anymore. The ZX81 powers up normally without the board; besides, once the ZXBlast is plugged and the ZX81 powered on afterwards, the video screen appears to be blank (no "K" cursor at the bottom of the screen).

I believe that it might be in an intermediate state regarding the reprogramming of both SST chip and Altera CPLD as well, with the USB method some time ago. How could I reprogram the CPLD chip to bring back the expansion board to life again? I have an Altera USB Blaster, but no board/adapter/interface for programming the CPLD itself. In my own lack of knowledge, any suggestion would be really appreciated.
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