Pac man on the ZX81

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Re: Pac man on the ZX81

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Crayon21 wrote:
Sat Dec 07, 2019 11:09 pm
I'm sorry, but everytime i see your name i imagine this as the picture

Not knocking you, it's just so funny
I’m not as green. :D

A better likeness here. ... rdo#p22857

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Re: Pac man on the ZX81

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Here is a Gamepack (from a hungarian site: which contain 5 variants of this game:

Ghost Hunt
Pac Man
Red Ants

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Re: Pac man on the ZX81

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Slightly different approach - but you might want to try my own take on the format - One Little Ghost:

It uses the same maze and enemy logic as the arcade, but does it with the roles reversed (you play a ghost) and in scrolling isometric 3D.


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