"New" Game - ZONKEY KONG! by DnD

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Re: "New" Game - ZONKEY KONG! by DnD

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Spinnetti wrote: Sat May 01, 2021 3:59 am Ok, totally redid the key handling, saved 53 bytes of object code, and controls feel "smoother" (at least to me). Give it a test for me please? - Try your favorite key combos and your zxpand joystick - hopefully I didn't break that! If it all works, I'll update the first post with the latest code. Thanks!


Ok, I have now tested on real hardware as well as SZ81. I can confirm that the ZXPand joystick interface still works and that on real hardware QAOP now works for keys. I have not tested other key combinations yet.
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Re: "New" Game - ZONKEY KONG! by DnD

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Great, thanks! First posted updated with the latest code - no functional changes, just various internal code cleanup and edge case bug fixes.
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