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ZEsarUX 11 Beta

Post by chernandezba »

Hi there.

I have uploaded a new Beta version of ZEsarUX, 11 Beta 1.

You can download compiled versions for Mac and Windows from:

https://github.com/chernandezba/zesarux ... 11.0-beta1

(Linux users, as always with the Betas, you can download the sources and run ./configure && make, which I'm sure you know ;) )

This brings, among other new features:

- direct loading from cassette
- multiplayer online game ("ZENG Online"), without the need to open ports (hint: you can use the server or create one yourself)
- export Spectrum screen to .STL file (to be able to print in 3D)

And many other improvements and corrections. complete list:

Version 11.0-Beta1 - David edition. 26 February 2024

* New things added:

Added loading audio from external audio source, like a tape player
Added ZENG Online feature, which allows to run multiplayer online game using a central server
Added ZENG support on curses driver
Added save screen to .txt file
Added save screen to .stl file, useful to print on 3D Printer
Added function to shift bits on Hex Editor
Added TempleOS GUI Style
Added QNX GUI Style
Added menu function to sync local snapshot to remote using ZRCP
Added ZRCP commands: open-menu, print-error
Added setting to force CHR$ 128 mode on ZX81
Added search function to locate menu entries
Added .zmenu type files to generate launcher menus

* Improvements:

Allow to not save configuration when exiting ZEsarUX
Allow to select normal ZEsarUX logo or X Anniversary logo
Allow to seng ZENG snapshots more frequently (even every 20 ms)
Allow to use cpu-step-mode from ZRCP on drivers stdout and simpletext
Allow autorewind setting for real tape too
Allow to disable Spectrum colours on real video mode too
Allow to press hotkeys at On Screen Keyboard
Allow autoload when inserting QL mdv/flp

Improved ZX Vision:
- Changed left click mouse behaviour: when pressing left mouse button out of a window, it will close all menus.
If you need to keep menu open and set focus on emulated machine, just left click and also press shift key.
- Improve window title background when not all buttons are visible
- Improve clicking and drawing an always visible window
- Menus can no longer be minimized (that had no sense)
- Process switcher: unminimize windows when selecting them and they were minimized
- Process switcher: now it can be set to be always visible
- Process switcher: icon names are more descriptive
- Menu titles are translated to selected language (not everything yet, please be patient)
- Improve perspective for 3D Particles widget on View Sensors

Improved ZX Desktop:
- Allow to set parameters when redefining upper buttons, for some actions like openwindow or set machine
- Allow to reconfigure upper buttons by right clicking over them
- When defining upper buttons or f-functions to SetMachine, machine name parameter is set to current machine
- When creating new icon, upper buttons or f-functions of type OpenWindow, a window list is displayed to select

* Fixes:

Fixed ZX Vision:
- Fixed bug when printing on footer and column was out of bounds (exactly at column 32)
- Fixed splash texts when row > 23
- Fixed pressing keys '.' and ',' on menu when machine is ZX80 or ZX81
- Fixed glitch on ZX Vision BeOS style, when pressing F5, window buttons didn't disappear or reappear
- Fixed refresh windows after pressing F8 On Screen Keyboard
- Fixed splash messages when background windows are enabled
- Fixed initial position for many windows

Fixed invalid Data Bus value on Jupiter Ace (it's 20H instead of FFH)
Fixed blockage when drawing Text Adventure Map and corrupted GAC adventure
Fixed timings of opcodes CP (HL), CP (IX+d), CP (IY+d)
Fixed bug on ZRCP when handling simultaneous connections
Fixed betadisk sector rollover reading/writing (thanks Mak7ym). Fixed loading for example of: BR_DEA7H, HOMER, PARADISE


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Re: ZEsarUX 11 Beta

Post by Zimjam »

Just want to say a big "thank you" to chernandezba for all this effort!

I have been playing around a lot with this on both x86 ( Ubuntu / Xubuntu Linux ) as well as Arm 64bit Pi 4 and 5, I recently tried a Raspberry Pi 3 image too.

A very well supported Emulator indeed. Initially I was only interested in the TBBlue Next, but I am finding other Z80 based emulated environments quite interesting as well, especially the CPC and CPW range.

I found a very quick and easy installer on https://journalxtra.com/installers/zesarux/

Essentially download the zesarux.sh bash-script file ( read it over to be safe ) - change the permissions to executable and then "./zesarux.sh" in terminal - this will download and compile the zesarux project. ( you may / likely need to download the make tools when installing on a Linux PC )

This worked on my Ubuntu based Tux Box, the Raspberry Pi 400 and 8GB Pi 5b - there is a slightly slower performance when running NEXT games on the Pi4 compared to the Pi5 and PC - the two latter systems run flawlessly that I have found

Running this on a Pi3 is possible, there are some uSD images out there - and indeed they do work via a Linux boot strap - and its very usable, atleast on my Pi3A - sadly NEXT games do run but struggle with performance.

I have found that compiling this on 32bit systems provided some odd results.... I did install this on my the Pi2b+ ( 1GB RAM / 4 core 32bit @ 1Ghz ) and while it compiled it wont run from either the desktop (LXDE) or Shell/Term although it sits in the process list - figure!

I did also try this on a Radxa CM3 ( 4GB Ram Rockchip RK3566 @2Ghz ) sadly it couldn't compile but this really is the fault of OS Kernal Images - which is a shame, its a great little ARM chip - I will see if there is an Armbian build for this yet.

On PC & Pi 5b+, its completely flawless and started dipping my toes into the world of the ZXUno too so much so... just bought a PCB from eBay =).. I am sure I have a Xilinx Spartan around here somewhere.

Just wanted to share some of the fun that I have had with this very cool emulator, Once I figure out how to get Spectrum +3e with 8 bit IDE and ULA+ working I will let you know ;)

Thanks again chernandezba for putting this out here.

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Re: ZEsarUX 11 Beta

Post by Spinnetti »

"me too" post - thanks for all the great work!
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Re: ZEsarUX 11 Beta

Post by Duglis »

chernandezba wrote: Wed Feb 28, 2024 10:02 am Hi there.

I have uploaded a new Beta version of ZEsarUX, 11 Beta 1.
Hi César, i have been tinkering with the ZEsarUX on the Retropie 4. I don't know which version it is, however. It's from 2023. I think it's before X.

Anyway, to keep it simple. There is a game - head over heels.nex For the ZXSpectrum Next that i'd like to play on the pie on your emulator.

If i default the rom to Zesarux in emulation station, it does not play simply from a launch there. After launch, there is a menu i can bring up with F5. Can you please tell me what i must set and what bios files (i already have them in place from 2 years ago for lr-fuse) i need and where they must go and any other extras?

I dont see tbblue(ZX spectrum Next) on the menu list of machines when i bring up F5 and peruse the machine list.

So simply put, what must i set on the menu to play this game? Or should i make the emulator default in the emulators.cfg file to
ZXSpectrumNext = "/opt/retropie/emulators/zesarux/bin/zesarux --mmc-file tbblue.mmc --enable-mmc --enable-divmmc-ports --machine tbblue %ROM%" ?

i have the tbblue.mmc .h .c and loader.rom sitting on my computer desktop waiting to put them anywhere you tell me to ! be well! -Doug S
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