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ZEsarUX 11

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New ZEsarUX version! You can download now ZEsarUX 11 from:

https://github.com/chernandezba/zesarux ... sarUX-11.0

This version is dedicated to my brother David. Rest in peace.


ZEsarUX 11.0 - David edition. 06 June 2024

* New things added:

Added loading audio from external audio source, like a tape player. This also includes:
- External Audio Source Window: you may see the audio wave, the signal type, and an azimuth assistant which tells you when you have to use the screwdriver ;)
- Spectrum Analyzer (Audio Spectrum I mean): you may see full frequency range of the audio wave

Added ZENG Online feature, which allows you to play to any emulated game on a multiplayer way using a central server
Added ZENG support on all emulated machines
Added ZENG support on curses driver
Added save screen to .txt file
Added save screen to .stl file, uaseful to print on 3D Printer
Added support for ZX81 .P81 files
Added save support for ZX80 & ZX81 .Z81 snapshots
Added function to shift bits on Hex Editor
Added new compiled version: Haiku OS
Added TempleOS GUI Style
Added QNX GUI Style
Added setting to force CHR$ 128 mode on ZX81
Added search function to locate menu entries
Added .zmenu type files to generate launcher menus
Added more vintage Spectrum programs/games from me
Added Debug Sensors SPK & MIC Bit from port FEH
Added some tape copiers to Storage-> Tape menu
Added setting for fast welcome message
Added PCW Video mode 1 palette selector

* Improvements:

Allow to load Next .nex/.snx/.sna snapshots with additional files without having to copy them on the mmc file (it mounts automatically the esxdos handler)
Allow to limit max cpu turbo on Next
Allow to pause playing on AY Player
Improved Keyboard Help: now you can press keys by clicking mouse
Allow to not save configuration when exiting ZEsarUX
Allow to select normal ZEsarUX logo or X Anniversary logo
Allow to send ZENG snapshots more frequently (even every 20 ms)
Allow autorewind setting for real tape too
Allow to disable Spectrum colours on real video mode too
Allow to press hotkeys at On Screen Keyboard
Remember last path used on output tape
Allow to load 48kB MSX cartridges
Allow to load MSX cartridges with memory mapper Ascii 8kb, Ascii 16kb, Konami without SCC, Konami with SCC, R-Type
Allow to set +2e/+3e rom from Custom rom menu item
Easier compilation on Haiku OS
Added setting to avoid Christmas Mode
Improve Hexadecimal editor on ZX80 and ZX81: show inverse characters

Improved ZRCP:
- Added menu function to sync local snapshot to remote using ZRCP
- Added ZRCP commands: open-menu, print-error, get-text-overlay, cpu-history get extended
- Allow to use cpu-step-mode from ZRCP on drivers stdout and simpletext
- Support MMU restore state on ZRCP command "cpu-history restore" for Spectrum 128k/+2/+2a/+3

Improved QL emulation:
- Allow autoload when inserting QL mdv/flp
- Show 2 microdrive and 1 floppy icon on QL, instead of just one icon
- Allow to enable/disable every drive

Improved file selector:
- Scrolling the current directory field if it does not fit on the window
- Can change extension filter
- When saving files, cursor is located at the file field, and a file name is suggested
- File selection zone has a different color
- Go up one directory when pressing left cursor key

Improved ZX Vision:
- Changed left click mouse behaviour: when pressing left mouse button out of a window, it will close all menus.
If you need to keep menu open and set focus on emulated machine, just left click and also press shift key.
- Improve window title background when not all buttons are visible
- Improve clicking and drawing an always visible window
- Menus can no longer be minimized or resized (that had no sense)
- Process switcher: unminimize windows when selecting them and they were minimized
- Process switcher: now it can be set to be always visible
- Process switcher: icon names are more descriptive
- Menu titles are translated to selected language (not everything yet, please be patient)
- Improve perspective for 3D Particles widget on View Sensors

Improved ZX Desktop:
- Allow to set parameters when redefining upper buttons, for some actions like openwindow or set machine
- Allow to reconfigure upper buttons by right clicking over them
- When defining upper buttons or f-functions to SetMachine, machine name parameter is set to current machine
- When creating new icon, upper buttons or f-functions of type OpenWindow, a window list is displayed to select
- Can now show keyboard help from right click on machine icon

* Fixes:

Fixed ZX Vision:
- Fixed bug when printing on footer and column was out of bounds (exactly at column 32)
- Fixed splash texts when row > 23
- Fixed pressing keys '.' and ',' on menu when machine is ZX80 or ZX81
- Fixed glitch on ZX Vision BeOS style, when pressing F5, window buttons didn't disappear or reappear
- Fixed windows refresh after pressing F8 On Screen Keyboard
- Fixed splash messages when background windows are enabled
- Fixed initial position for many windows

Fixed http redirections when downloading using the Speccy Online Browser
Fixed bit 6 of FEH port depending on Issue2/3
Fixed Sam Coupe FEH sound port when enabling Real Beeper
Fixed segfault when trying to insert an unexistent Real Tape file
Fixed segfault inserting a ZX81 Real Tape and opening Tape Viewer
Fixed invalid Data Bus value on Jupiter Ace (it's 20H instead of FFH)
Fixed blockage when drawing Text Adventure Map and corrupted GAC adventure
Fixed timings of opcodes CP (HL), CP (IX+d), CP (IY+d)
Fixed bug on ZRCP when handling simultaneous connections
Fixed betadisk sector rollover reading/writing (thanks Mak7ym). Fixed loading for example of: BR_DEA7H, HOMER, PARADISE
Fixed bug when saving Clip Windows info on Spectrum Next ZSF snapshots
Fixed bug loading .nex snapshots with different header letter case (for example Exploding Fist Next)
Fixed reading kempston mouse when menu is open
Fixed memory size rom zone on ZX80 and ZX81
Fixed esxdos handler was enabled when machine is not Spectrum
Fixed high cpu usage when repeated splash messages about video mode changes


ZX Second-Emulator And Released for UniX
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