Hello from the Isle of Man

Introduce yourself to your fellow forum members - what was your journey into the Sinclair world?
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Hello from the Isle of Man

Post by manxnick »

Hello and thank you for letting me join.

I have been a Sinclair User since I was 8 years old in 1984 and the family bought a ZX Spectrum 48k. We all gathered around the little TV set and watched my Older Brother programming on it, I vividly remember playing Jet Pac and Horace Goes Skiing!

I have quite a big Sinclair collection, however my "Precious" is what I found in a house clearance last year.....

"Just go upstairs and have a root about, take anything you like, its all going in the bin as I haven't a clue about it all" Said the lady, whose father had passed away earlier that year.

Upstairs, there were many boxes, and crates full of electronics junk, parts, old cameras, slide projectors, train set magazines, loads of Computer magazines from the early 80's, including some very old Sinclair User ones. (Took all these)

There was an Amiga 500 in bad shape, plus all its bits.
An Atari 800XL in really good condition.
A Commodore 64 in a bad way.
A Sinclair +3 in a bad way.
2 ZX48k+ computers in good condition
1 zx48k in a hard case with nice keys
An MTX Computer in amazing condition
An Atari 2600 six switch in poor condition
A boxed ZX81 in really nice condition
Many Sinclair power adapters in a box full of junk....including...a ZX80 PSU....

Some more rooting around and at the bottom of the crate I found a Polystyrene Box in good condition, sealed shut.
I pulled it out... cut the sellotape sealing it, and guess what I found.

Yep, a mint ZX80 with manual, leads and Sinclair receipt from early 1980.

And it works too.

It belongs in a museum! I told the very kind lady who wouldnt let me give her anything for all this stuff I took. Apparently her Dad worked for Cambridge Research in the 70's and 80's. "He would be really happy to know someone is going to use it" She said.

Anyway, that's my Sinclair Story :)

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Re: Hello from the Isle of Man

Post by mrtinb »

That's amazing to hear. Welcome!
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Re: Hello from the Isle of Man

Post by 1024MAK »

Hello and welcome to our forum Nick!

:D :D :D

I hope you enjoy this forum :D


PS the large puddle on the floor is due to the drooling - that you found a mint ZX80 (and a good condition MTX, I can point you to the Forum for MTX users if you want)…
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Re: Hello from the Isle of Man

Post by Lardo Boffin »

Mmmm, mint ZX80…


I got one off eBay. It definitely was not free (although got a good discount off the seller)!
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