Greetings from north of the wall.

Introduce yourself to your fellow forum members - what was your journey into the Sinclair world?
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Greetings from north of the wall.

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Hi folks,

I've just joined and hope to participate in the Z88 forum mainly. Like you all, I have a love of all things 8-bit. First home micro I remember from primary school was either a ZX81 or Spectrum 16k in ~'83. Cut my teeth on the Acorn Electron ~ '85 to '87, sold my Star Wars toys to fund purchasing a second-hand 128k 'Toastrack' in ~'88 (which I still have, love and cherish to this day but boy do I wish I'd kept that AT-AT :). Moved on to 16-bit with second-hand Atari STFM ~'90 which I swapped for a not-road-worthy Renault 5 in ~'93 :lol:

Anyhoo, I hope I can contribute with my thoughts and ideas. I have quite a few old relics in the collection: currently I'm diggin' my expanded Z88 and I'm attempting 5.25 floppy archiving of C64 discs with Kryoflux and GreaseWeazle.

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