Converting TZX to WAV files

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Converting TZX to WAV files

Post by egrabczewski »

I've just found a tool called "castool" that converts TZX files to WAV as well as a host of other conversions.

So far I've only downloaded the macOS version of the code (see source website: It's a bit of a faff but it doesn't involve compiling in my case (macOS). I just pulled out the castool file and started using it on the command line.

Here's a list of all the conversions castool can do: ... l-for-mame

I successfully converted a FORTH.tzx file to FORTH.wav and copied it to tape, loading it successfully with LOAD "" CODE on my ZX Spectrum+ and Spectrum +3 (using tape input).
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Re: Converting TZX to WAV files

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Xavier ...on the Facebook groupe : "Zx81 France"(fr)
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Re: Converting TZX to WAV files

Post by Gelip »

Tapir is the best for make WAV ;) - Tapir 1.00 (release 09/06/07 19:50)
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Re: Converting TZX to WAV files

Post by Moggy »

Try winTZX, much simpler no messing around with nested menus, sample rate adjustments or other unnecessary features, just load the TZX file, press the button and instant WAV file ready for use which is all that's needed at the end of the day. :D
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