[SPECTRUM-TOOLS] New tools update.

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[SPECTRUM-TOOLS] New tools update.

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Tokenizer & De-tokenizer update.

To convert a text file to a new Tap file, or Tap to a text file.

In association with Valker Bartheld, the "SnaList" had been updated to read TAP and TZX files.

It's new name is "TapList" [XavSnap release] (was "SnaList" from Chris Cowley)
* read Basic, Machine codes & arrays (char/num)
* Tap,Tzx & SNA format.
* compatible with Zmakebas specials characters arguments.
download: http://zx81.ordi5.free.fr/tools/TapList.zip

Zmakebas updated too [XavSnap release] (from Russell Marks):
(it's not a Zmakebas-1.5 update!)
download: http://zx81.ordi5.free.fr/tools/zmakebas-1.1.zip

All the best.
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