Too many FPGA ZX Spectrums ??

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Too many FPGA ZX Spectrums ??

Post by lezanderson » Thu Jul 20, 2017 6:04 pm

A ZX Spectrum with Real Chips the that too much to ask ? :idea:

Why Not Design & Make a ‘New’ ZX Spectrum Super ULA ??

I was recently discussing the pros-and-cons of making a ASIC (application specific Integrated Circuit) and being told that it is an expensive thing..costing around $200,000 , and a minimum production run of tens of thousands of units being needed. But not long after I saw another ZX Spectrum Crowd-funding know the type ! This one has reputedly raised more than £500,000 !! Then I thought , wouldn’t it be better to spend this sort of money on a new Super Spectrum ULA..with lots and lots of new features, rather than making yet another crowd-funded FGPA board ?? As £500,000 is significantly more than $200,000 it’s not like they haven’t got the Money !!

I now believe the aforementioned Crowdfunding project has raised >£700,000 !!

Super Spectrum ULA (PAL/NTSC/VGA output switchable)

Plane 0 (background plane )
ZX Spectrum Modes
512x192 4 Colours
256x192 16 Colours
512x192 (64x24 Colour Grid)
85x24 Colour Text Mode
64x24 Graphics/Text

Plane 1(Tile or Text/Graphics)
64x24 Text/Graphics
32x24 Text/Graphics
40x24 Text
85x24 Colour Text
128x48 Tile Mode (Tile 4x4)

Plane 2 (Sprite)
64 x (16x16) Multicoloured Sprites
8 x (32x32) Multicoloured Sprites

Plane 3
TMS9918 modes to give MSX and ColecoVision compatibility

AY-3-8910 & SN76489 Sound Chips built in
Joystick & PS/2 KBD Connectivity

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