What games did sinclair make for zx spectrum

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What games did sinclair make for zx spectrum

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Was looking up games made by sinclair for zx spectrum on youtube, but found nothing. What games did he make for it ?
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Re: What games did sinclair make for zx spectrum

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Sinclair Research Ltd itself did not write (make) any games. However, they did have an arrangement with Psion, who produced the Horizon introduction tape (which included breakout).

Then later on, Sinclair published or republished various games and other software under the Sinclair label. All these were written (made) by other individuals or other companies.

If you go to Spectrum Computing, scroll down to the “ADVANCED SEARCH (SOFTWARE, BOOKS, HARDWARE)” form. Then enter “Sinclair Research” for the publisher, select “ZX Spectrum” in the machine (drop down list) then near the bottom right, select “strict search”. Then click the “SEARCH ZXDB” button and it should reward you with a list of software.

Or you could look at archive sites for scanned copies of the software catalogues (booklets) that Sinclair included in the box with new computers.

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