Modern Retro Games For 48K ZX Spectrum

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Modern Retro Games For 48K ZX Spectrum

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Having decided to refresh my Z80 assembler skills during April 2020, when, like many I found myself with some unexpected 'free' time - I created a couple of arcade inspired games for the 48K ZX Spectrum (and an emulator... already the mission creep had set in...).

Image Image

I recently decided to make these available to a wider audience through a new company Vintage Software Systems Ltd. The games are provided as tzx and tap files for emulatiors on any OS, audio files for loading into original vintage machines, and also as standalone 'ready-to-run' Linux applications. I'm a great believer that the display technology of the time forms an essential part of the vintage aesthetic - but CRTs can be difficult to maintain - so the Linux / PC version also includes a hardware-modelled CRT emulation complete with adjustable controls and phosphor persistence. Please feel free to take a look - at
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