Programs which use Hi-Res Graphics on the Sinclair ZX81

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Re: Programs which use Hi-Res Graphics on the Sinclair ZX81

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Lurch666 wrote:So I've got a ZXmore and messing around with all the old games but I had moved on from my ZX-81 when the hires games came out so now I am looking to try some now I can load them off usb.
So far all I have got working is a hires invaders.I know some won't work because hardware mods are needed but the software farm games and manic miner should work.

I'm trying different things and will see if I can get any other hires games going but I thought I would ask if anyone else here with a ZXmore has had any success?
You can try all my hires games for the 1K ZX81. They don't need any modified hardware.
Available in the new games section. 24 in total.
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Re: Programs which use Hi-Res Graphics on the Sinclair ZX81

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I found recently an article on an old 1983 Italian magazine (Elettronica 2000) describing an Hi-Res board for the ZX81.

This article describes a board (including its layout) which is most probably a QS HI-RES clone (the text refers to a resolution of 225x192 pixels, but I'm almost sure it is a typo).

Was this mode emulated ever ? Is the QS-ROM.bin file available somewhere ? The Kweeky's page is now gone and hasn't preserved such file.

There seem to be a bit of confusion around the QS graphics, QuickSilva released TWO graphics expansions; a cheaper, well known, UDG based one and an expensive HRG board. This is how it was described in the 1983 annual:

The Quicksilva Hi-Res Graphics Board interrupts the normal display routine in a similar way but is far more powerful and is a joy to use. The board has 6K of RAM, address 40960 to 47130, in which the highresolution display is stored separately from the normal display file. It also has a 2K ROM, address 10240 to 12287, in the unused 8K between the Sinclair ROM and RAM. Routines in the 2K ROM can be called from Basic or machine code to perform high-resolution plotting Quicksilva Hi-Res Graphics and line drawing in black on white or vice versa. The hi-res board is expensive.
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Re: Programs which use Hi-Res Graphics on the Sinclair ZX81

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Some info about the QS HRG board can be found here...

The ROM image is available from there.

XavSnap's emulator emulates this board very nicely.

Here's some demos and programs for the Quicksilva HRG. Also includes the "Kweeky" application to create image screens from bmps. I don't know where I got these from but most likely from one of XavSnap's pages.


Programs,demos, ROM disassembly etc...
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