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I'm working on an assembly code program to run the ZXGame on a ZX81 so I set up this toolchain:
I found for some reason that in ZX-IDE if I try to transfer file or create wav it either throws up a message with the title Find and stating that there needs to be a ZXPOST.INC include, which it does have or crashes and exits.
Using the start emulator brings up eightyone without any problems but the WAV output of eightyone is too weak on my laptop to get a good load. So I create a p file in ZXIDE then load it into tapeutil.jar and play it to load the ZX81.

I know Pokemon is mia for a while so did anyone else have access to the ZX-IDE source code so these bugs can be fixed or is there a way to increase the volume of the wav output in Eightyone? Either will simplify my toolchain.
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