MK14 replica PCBs preorder

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MK14 replica PCBs preorder

Post by Kiwisek » Sun Feb 25, 2018 8:26 am


I have finally finished my Science of Cambridge MK14 replica, tested it by first small batch and everything looks ok. Info here ... -sinclair/. I am sorry, that my blog is in Czech language, but you can try to use Google translate icon in upper right corner.

I prepare a second PCB batch, so anyone who is interested in a MK14 replica PCB can preorder it. The PCB price is 21 EUR. It is double sidded with thru plated holes, as the original was.

As some parts are hard to get or manufacture/program, I could offer the following parts:
◾ keyboard metal domes 5133TR + 2x cut middle PE foil + upper laminated foil with printed keyboard design ... + 7 EUR
◾ set of 15 pcs of Ohmite OD resistors for the people that would like more “vintage look” (take care it is expensive) ... +9 EUR
◾ set of 2 programed PROMs MH74S571 with SCIOS ... + 4 EUR

If you want preorder PCB and/or some of the parts above, please let me know to my e-mail martin theroundedsymbol 8bity dot cz

You can also preorder PCBs for:
◾ replacement/expansion of RAM and ROM ... -soc-mk14/
◾ VDU2 (video output, not covered on my blog yet)
These are fully tested and working, I just do not know the PCB price yet.

Kind regards


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Re: MK14 replica PCBs preorder

Post by gammaray » Mon Feb 26, 2018 5:00 am

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