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Z80 Explorer

Post by blittled »

If you ever wanted to know more about the inner workings of the Z80 cpu I have found an awesome application the Z80 Explorer by Goran Devic found on this site https://baltazarstudios.com/. It permits you to look at the Z80 down to the transistor level, run simulations to see what is being made active in the chip and a waveform window to see how the logic of selected nets interact. There is an experimental feature that will make logic diagrams of selected nets as well. There is also a very detailed online manual with it.

Also on his blog is a series detailing some of the logic inside the Z80. He shows how to interface an Arduino Mega to a Z80 to single step it to watch the various signals. He also has a very detailed blog on the A-Z80, a softcore Z80 on a FPGA synthesized from logic diagrams that make up the Z80. He even shows how to use the A-Z80 to run a ZX spectrum on a FPGA!

This site is a must see if you need information on the the Z80 down to the gate level!
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Re: Z80 Explorer

Post by avrovulcan »

Great find. I'll be having a proper look when I get some spare time.

Thanks for posting this.

Kind regards

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Re: Z80 Explorer

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Very good post and find! Impressive stuff.
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Re: Z80 Explorer

Post by marste »

Very impressive indeed!
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